Modular design has come a long way. Although to be honest, the industry has not changed too much –It is only becoming more widely accepted and easier to come by.

And it’s turning heads in boardrooms and investor’s meetings. Read on to learn how to become a cost-crushing rock star in your business and lead the charge when it comes to getting more bang for your infrastructure budget!

It's Time to Look at Prefabricated Port Shelters For Your Business

What if you could tell all of your key stakeholders you could get the job done for less capital investment?

Most businesses have large stores and warehouses for assets, or require giant bulky spaces to work within. While many rent and others build with brick and mortar–the buy vs build argument becomes real moot when you consider the purchasing power of container shelters made by shipping containers.

Here are some common or noteworthy uses for shipping container shelters;

  1. Farms and Livestock Shelters

The flexibility of port shelters lends to their ability to be adapted to just about any need. In the case of livestock, port shelters can provide shelter for single animals or entire groups.

Different livestock have different requirements and port container shelters are easily modified for great custom-built solutions.

  1. Car Port

One of the most common residential uses for shipping container shelters is as the humble carport. Able to offer shelter to any number of vehicles, container shelters are a great solution for storing home vehicles like cars, driving lawnmowers, ski-doo’s, boats, and so on.

  1. Heavy Machinery

From workshops to heavy machinery storage, shipping container shelters are scaleable to meet just about any space or security requirement. They are durable and fully customizable.

  1. Offices and Educational Facilities

From call centres to offices, urban centre to remove location –far and wide, shipping containers have great potential to serve as a fully functional workplace.

Built to code and incredibly cost-effective, shipping container shelters can be fully customized with a number of accessories; temperature control, every style of door from glass to giant barn door, water systems, shelving, insulation, desks, kitchens, lavatories, and more.

Most port container shelter suppliers offer custom port container shelter modification, so be sure to ask about this service.

  1. Airplane Hangers

One of the larger industrial uses of custom shipping container architecture rests with airplane hangars, and/or their corresponding control centre. Able to provide wide open sheltered spaces, shipping container shelters can meet the physical requirements of public or private airports affordably.

Projects such as these draw from a number of container shelters’ strengths; their ability to be converted into warehouses, hangars, equipment shelters, storage, workshops, and offices help meet a myriad of professional needs.

  1. Boat Hangars

Many ports, docks, and even yacht clubs are likely to take many ships and boats out of the water during inclement weather. This is done to protect the vessels from the elements, like surface ice, extreme cold and hail stones.

Towing boats into a temperature controlled boat shelter is an ideal solution for these kinds of organisations, and in the case of yacht clubs –is a desirable service to monetize.

  1. Green Houses

The possibilities of shipping container shelter design are limitless, and the “Urban Farm Unit” is a perfect example.

Using modern aquaponics techniques and existing tools –and combining them with the modular mobility of shipping containers– are a match made in greenhouse heaven.

For this example an open-roof container was used with scaffolding to ensure a long, scalable project lifespan.

  1. Other Business Structures

There really are a lot more uses of shipping container shelters for business, so we lumped in the rest as “other business structures”.

Some really great examples include children’s centres, mobile education units, kiosks, hotels, restaurants, cafes, grocery stores, and even corporate art installations.